St.Luke's Hospital, being a mission hospital,aims at providing standard health care with its state of the art facilities and infrastructure. Our well equipped technology and team of qualified doctors and nurse practitioners contribute to the success of the institution by providing efficient care and support to the patients.

We provide services in various branches of medicine and surgery with our 100 bedded super speciality hospital situated at Nazareth, India

We are a multispeciality hospital and provide services in the fields of..

  1. Family Medicine

  2. Dermatology

  3. Geriatrics

  4. Obstetrics & Gynecology

  5. Pediatrics

  6. General Surgery

  7. Orthopedics

  8. Opthalmology

  9. Otolaryngology (ENT)

  10. Dentistry

  11. Neurology

  12. Cardiology

  13. Medical oncology

  14. General Medicine

  15. Physiotherapy

  16. Radiology

  17. Surgical Gastroenterology

  18. Urology

The hospital constitutes a group of highly experienced doctors in respective departments .100 new patients arrive here each day for various medical needs. A lot of patients are on regular follow up.